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Our company was established in the first quarter of 2017 to provide added value to our country by adopting the dream of “Every product is found at the best price” with its staff who have proven themselves in the sector.
Abay Pharma is a licenced pharmaceutical Whole­saler company based in capital city of Ankara/Turkey in 2007. Abay Pharma is leading tender wholesaler Company in Turkey. Abay pharma Trade Pharmaceuticals was created to serve Medical sector with the priniciples of honest and level pharmaceutical whole­saler, stocks management. Abay Pharma's team including 35 employees with the 25 years experience and expert staff has the vision to be local, regional and international supplier. And it continues to serve medical sector with­out sacrificing quality, prioritising precious customers' satisfaction in the competetiveness rules framework. In 2011 a second company has established, headquartered in Duhok and Erbil in Iraq and in 2012 another company in Bulgaria and part­nership in Libia. Abay Pharma provides worldwide product sourcing from only reputable companies, supply only branded medicines, ge­nerics and medical supplies. Abay Pharma deals with more than 35 countries from Middle East to Europe, from North America to Japan. Our mission is to offer the most competetive price with the highest quality and optimum delivery on time. With the experienced team our specialities include import/export and goverment, non goverment tenders in Turkey and in other countries. Abay Pharma is a global trading company in Pharmaceutical, Medi­cal and Cosmetics Business launced by experienced group of profes­sionals and most experienced well known Family members in Pharma and FMCG sector in Turkey since 1985.
The company was established on May 19, 2018, by combining 25 years of Pharmacy experience and 25 years of Pharmaceutical Sector experiences.
As Vompharma we supply and export rx medicines, otc medicines, oncology medicines, cardiology medicines, serums, facial aesthetics products, aesthetics products, rx medicine, otc medicine, oncology medicine, cardiology medicine, serum, facial aesthetics product, aesthetics product, medicines, drugs, medications, curatives, pills, remedies, pharmas, pharmaceutical products, medical products, otc products, oem products, medical materials, orthopedic products, cosmetics, cosmetic products, food supplements, over the counter product... Vompharma is well established pharmaceutical wholesale supplier of international brand name companies and generic products both within and from Turkey. We carry wholesale dealer license approved by Turkish Ministry Of Health. We are providing wholesale parallel trade and drop shipment services, of a large chain Rx, OTC, Oncology, Cardiology, serum and facial aesthetics products, etc. with the highest quality and desirable prices
Our 25 years of pharmaceutical experience, Tepe Pharmaceutical Warehouse has started operations in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. Turkey has a license to carry on the activities of the Ministry of Health and a pharmaceutical warehouse controlled by ministry officials at regular intervals. With a wide range of product range and our company has the business volume in the four corners of the world, Turkey "s has established itself a right in the market with competitive prices. Dynamic and young having the structure of the goals of our company, both domestic and overseas customers, world class and provide high quality services, operating principles that we apply and the end of the sale conditions the pharmaceutical industry and to increase you the profitability of our Dear Pharmacist, the most important people. Our company, which adopts the principle of service to human health is growing with each passing day with the support of our valued customers. Mission to be fair and the whole environment of our honest and communicate directly • be clear, respect for all individuals, and to trust • Customer needs to analyze correctly and to provide them with optimal solutions in the shortest possible time • Global world to follow developments in the sector, ourselves constantly renew • Our suppliers and committed to the chain between our customers and become a powerful ring • Customer satisfaction is our • constantly keep the maximum level as in continuous development, to act fast and flexible • Our products and services as well as our constantly about "Quality Awareness" to move.
PharmArgus is established in 2012 by leadership of a pharmacist family who has over 30 years of distinguished services in ophthalmics business in Turkey. PharmArgus is a niche pharmaceutical comp